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My name is Linda and I am a specialized emotional therapist, career guidance and career transition coach, stress management trainer.  


I remember that time at school when I was asked what I wanted to do later.

I replied that I wanted to help people. The adults suggested all kinds of jobs to me that didn't really appeal to me, but I knew deep down.

MATRIOSHKA was born from this image of Russian dolls that fit into each other. Just like these dolls, I am keen to take into account the whole of the person I accompany, in all its "envelopes", whether from a physical, mental and / or emotional point of view, for a return to the interior of oneself.

Today, it is with all my knowledge and skills that I accompany by where I also spent in Rhône-Alpes face-to-face (near Vienne to the south of Lyon and all over the world (see "my story" )

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