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Certified from the Lyon Superior Coaching School

by an RNCP Level II Professional Coach Title (Master 1 level)

It is in all kindness that I accompany you

in your profound transformations

and your personal and / or professional changes,

on matters of self-confidence, consistency between professional and personal life,

and on the management of your emotions on a daily basis

(stress, fear, anger)

You don't need to feel bad to have recourse to coaching.


Anyone can find themselves confronted with a course to pass,

a change to be made whether it is suffered or chosen.

The main levers that promote success are motivation,

a good self-esteem and a professional orientation in line with the personality of each one.

Coaching consists of supporting anyone in achieving their goal, whether personal or professional.

Specialized in career guidance and stress management,

I also support in career transition with individuals but also

enterprises in order to train teams and managers.

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