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Psycho-Emotional Liberation

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Certified worker in Psycho Emotional Liberation by Estelle Daves


This method is a global therapeutic approach, designed and developed by Estelle Daves.

Unlike symptomatic medicine that tries to eliminate symptoms, EPL takes into account the whole being in order to restore harmony both physically and psychologically. What disturbs us and that we do not express verbally is imprinted in our body.

The disease or "badly said" expresses what we do not verbalize ...


The EPL makes it possible to identify the factor responsible for the malaise. It is the liberation of the limbic (emotional memory) in which certain recorded injuries could cause a physical or psychic disharmony that will allow us to access this evolution.


The benefits of EPL:  

Allows you to find the causes of illnesses or repetitive scenarios

Intervenes directly at the level of emotions and feelings in order to reconstruct the history of a malaise or an illness

Acts quickly and effectively which allows symptoms to disappear

Allows to achieve a true cure in order to no longer treat symptoms repeatedly.

What matters is to change the negative emotional interpretation of the moment. Because emotional memory does not differentiate between the real and the imaginary, we will bring another understanding to the negative situations that we have experienced.

  This technique frees our brain from programs that may have been useful to us in the past but handicap us today. Thus, we can approach more serenely, with more confidence, in peace and in harmony. It brings balance and health back to us.

T he pain, symptom, disease?

I invite you to discover what could

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