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My name is Linda, I am a specialist in psycho-emotional liberation, expert coach in vocational guidance and career transition, trainer in stress management.


I mainly support active women who seek to (re) find self-confidence, bringing them serenity and thus avoiding exhaustion. I support them to balance their professional and personal life, by allowing them to know themselves better and to get rid of the causes of their discomfort, their difficulties, their suffering, and thus, to develop their capacities to be happier, to listen to yourself.

“Better in their head, better in their body, and therefore better in their life!”.

Some time ago, after a difficult phase in my professional life, I was having exactly this problem of not finding how to move forward in my life!  

I experienced a burnout when I was a salesperson and wanted to fill an already busy schedule to feel useful, then a bore-out while I was a sales assistant, boredom at my job, no more sense in this that I was doing and I then asked myself lots of questions!  


At the beginning, purely personal and "materialistic": how could I have suffered a burnout? How could I not have seen it coming? How to avoid relapse? What to do with my professional life now? etc.

Auratherapy comes into my life at this time. A training offered by a friend as a lifeline in the open sea, it helps me get my head out of the water after 6 months of wandering in the depths of my discomfort.

I was somatizing a lot and I didn't realize that my body was screaming at me all those words that I wasn't expressing. At this moment,  what I really wanted was to find the answers inside of myself, by experimenting for myself.  Do you see this distinction? She made all the difference to me.

It was the Psycho-emotional Liberation that allowed me to find meaning in physical ailments. This technique finally allowed me to put words to these children's wounds that were not resolved. I then began a 2-year training course with Estelle DAVES, creator of the LPE method to learn psychosomatics and body language, to understand the link between these emotions and the message of body symptoms.

After helping many people to understand why they were there today and what were the unconscious mechanisms that played out during repetitive patterns, I was keen to support them in change, to achieve their personal life goals and professionals .

From there, an observation!

I was poorly informed about the first symptoms of burnout, how to avoid it and be attentive to what was going on in me.

And in all this research, I learned something fundamental: it is that no one can have the answers of our compass except ourselves! The title of RNCP Professional Coach completed my skills in order to extend the knowledge of oneself and the putting into action of the people I support.

And what I discovered is that to easily and quickly reach this state of well-being, all you need is the right technique! This is what I offer in my accompaniments: tools that you can use on a daily basis to serve as a compass


So I was able to get all the answers to my questions:  

The answers about myself: I understood who I really am, where my blockages came from, what were the causes of my discomfort and how to get rid of them, what I now wanted to do with my life .

If in turn you want to live this wonderful adventure of knowing yourself, then Matrioshka is here for it!


And if you want to meet, click on the "appointment" tab at the top of the page, you will easily find all the information you need.


See you soon,  



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